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Undiluted by Benjamin Corey

Posted on 19 Aug 2014 in Books | Comments Off on Undiluted by Benjamin Corey

Anyone who spends significant time around children knows that they get hurt. Sometimes from predictable ways (“I told you not to step on the cat’s tail.”) to the unexpected (“That’s an odd place for a bruise….what happened?”), many kids are walking accidents.

Childhood is full of bumps, bruises, scrapes, and cuts. From the schoolyard to the backyard, there is almost always a chance for someone to get hurt.

And when you get hurt, your body tries to protect you. Scabs are a natural way for the body to fight against infection and disease.

But sometimes that’s not enough.

Sometimes, the wounds have to be cleaned out. We need hydrogen peroxide and some tweezers to get the grit out of our scraped up knee to make sure it heals properly.

Undiluted by Benjamin Corey (available now), is what we need to clean us out from an infected faith.

Christianity, particularly in America, has become so commercialized that the cross has moved from a powerful reminder of God’s love for us to a fashionable accessory.

[pullquote]If we want to rediscover the radical message of Jesus and experience a reorientation of our lives, we must become willing to let go of whatever else might be getting in the way–even if that’s a religious tradition named after Jesus–and return to the timeless invitation to simply become a follower of him. Benjamin Corey (from Undiluted)[/pullquote]

We’ve treated the Bible less like a manifesto for revolution into the Kingdom of God, and more like bylaws of incorporation so we can clearly identify who is in and who is out.

As I read Undiluted, I kept feeling Corey’s loving hands scrape away the muck and mire of Christianity and reintroduce me Jesus. In places where I have been hurt by the religion of Christianity, Corey introduced me to the love and passion of following Jesus. In ways where my faith had become calloused and hard, Corey demonstrated the importance of tenderness and compassion. He continuously reminds us all why it is following Jesus that is important, not necessarily our systems of theories. If a tradition or belief begins to interfere with pursuing and becoming like Jesus, abandon it.

Corey’s book is an important reminder about the pursuit of Jesus, and here are three groups of people that need to read this book.

Undiluted by Benjamin Corey

Undiluted by Benjamin Corey

  1. Anyone who has ever experienced a crisis of faith. If you’ve ever found yourself with more questions than answers, this book is for you. If you’ve ever stayed up late at night weeping into your pillow because the things you’ve been told just don’t line up with your experiences, this book is for you. If you’ve ever wondered what a life free from religious guilt could feel like, this book is for you.
  2. Anyone who has ever been hurt by the religion of Christianity. Love Jesus, but leery of the church? Go grab a copy of this book. If you’ve ever felt exclusion, rejection, or apathy of the church and have been bothered by it, you need to read this book.
  3. Anyone who is interested in encountering the real Jesus. Got questions about Jesus and what a radical faith looks like? You need to read Undiluted. Passionate about working towards change in your family, neighborhood, or society and want to do so while honoring God? Be reintroduced to the passionate and loving revolution of Jesus.

This is a book that should be on your theology shelf for quick reference. In it’s simplicity is it’s beauty: it will change and transform your perception and understanding of Jesus from page one and challenge you to join his revolution and advance his Kingdom, just be sure to keep a pencil handy.

If you’ve ever felt like your faith is being scabbed over and you need to get free from an infection, read Undiluted and let Corey give you a clean and fresh faith in the work of Jesus.


Per regulations I am required to to inform you that I have in no way been compensated for this review in any way. The thoughts contained in this post are my own after receiving an advanced copy of the book for review. I am in no way obligated to provide a positive review.


Interested in Undiluted (and you should be), grab your copy here.

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