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Today at Garden Park we started a new series on the ‘one anothers’ of the Bible, essentially trying to answer the question: “How does Christ shape a new community?” For us, that is found in the way we interact one another, and our church is spending the next several week examining those. Here are some notes on the way we think about one another. Primary scripture focus is Philippians 2.


  • Being ‘like-minded’ is fundamentally about two things: The ability to discern wisdom, and the ability to implement and act on that wise discernment. It literally speaks of not acting childish. For a Christian community, this means that the way we think needs to be done with wisdom, and must lead to action.
  • This thought/action combo is found throughout the Bible. Jesus often teaches something (correct thinking) and then does something (correct acting). Similarly, we see John (in 1 John) and Paul (lots of places) talk about these two ideas being inseparable. Failure to do one well is a failure to do either at all.
Thinking and doing are always related. (source: Wikipedia)

Thinking and doing are always related. (source: Wikipedia)

So for a community transformed (and in transformation) this drives us think differently about people. The world judges, stereotypes, critiques, and excludes those that are different. For a healthy Christian community, this cannot be the case. Each and every person is created uniquely in the image of God and our response should be the same as Jesus response to them: love, acceptance, grace, and service in humility. The first thing that must happen for any believer (or community) is this transformation in thought/action.

And the test to see where ware are at, is precisely in our responses when things go bad. We can’t always control the good or bad that enters our life, but we do get control over how we respond. So when someone offends us, what are our responses?

  • Blessing them or cursing them?
  • Berating and yelling or praying for?
  • Love or hatred?
  • Grudge or forgiveness?
  • Acceptance or judgment?

Looking at our responses, we are quickly able to see how much Christ has taken control of our mind and begun to transform it. Before we can proceed in future weeks to looking at things like loving and serving one another, we must first let this transformation take place.


What do you think? How do you see the connection? Can you share a story of a time you saw this to be true? Please Enter the Discussion below

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