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Sunday Sermon: God’s gift of peace (John 14)

Posted on 09 Jun 2013 in Bible, Christianity, Discipleship, Teaching | 2 comments

Today was our last day of a sermon series that focused on the gifts of God in light of the resurrection and we focused on the idea of God’s peace (shalom in Hebrew) and it’s different directions.

  • The first important thing about shalom is that it is peace with God. The distance than sin puts between us is taken away. The peace from God through the power of the resurrection means that we can return to a ‘pre-fall’ state of intimate communion with him.
  • Second, is peace with each other. All dividing lines that humanity has created (race, class, gender, preferences, language, etc…) is abolished in Christ.  Together we pursue a relationship under the lordship of Jesus.
  • Third we reach peace with nature. The prophecy of Isaiah 11 is complete in the victory of Jesus over sin and death. To experience God’s shalom is to experience a reorganizing of discord and conflict into love and harmony.

    Shalom in Hebrew Text שָׁלוֹם

    Peace: Shalom שָׁלוֹם (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And though Christ gives us peace, we all feel certain levels of unpeace all the time. Wars rage on, discrimination exists, genocide, famine, natural disasters and family discontent are an all too real part of our daily lives. That’s why this word of peace is so important, notice where in John’s Gospel Jesus promises this life of peace.

It comes right before his crucifixion scene. Had Jesus uttered this promise after the death scene it would have been easy. After the crucifixion it would have been, “Now that everything is alright, don’t worry.” But, by giving this encouraging word before his death, he is essentially saying, “I am standing up to Satan’s last, best option and saying that you have no need to fear, worry, respond in violence or act negatively.” By staring sin and death in the face, Jesus’ word of peace can reassure us in any and every circumstance that we are facing.

And as with all gifts, it is not one that we should keep to ourselves. Just as we have experienced God’s all-encompassing shalom, we are to go out and be shalom bearers to those around us. We all know those that are struggling, hurting, afraid, lonely or about to give up. Because we have been given access to a peace that does not waver, we are to share that with those around us.


What is one time that you have experienced the peace of God?

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  • Point #3 surprises people, but you are right on. One aspect of this that should be related to peace is that “work” was a part of the purpose for Adam and Eve before the Fall in the garden of Eden. Good work, brother.

  • mike

    Please hear what im about to say without reacting,it’s not meant to be a personal attack.I just was’nt taught proper social diplomacy. Why did you not go on and give us some solid proven techniques to attain peace of mind on a practical everyday level? Those hearing/reading this mesage should’nt need by now to hear again how to have peace WITH God (assuming they were taught properly to begin with). We need teaching on coping skills.

    ” Now that everything is alright, don’t worry”?? ..That dont cut it no more )

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