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“‘Hospitality’ conjures up the context of guests, visitors, putting on meals for them, providing board and lodging, making the stranger feel ‘at home’ in our home — enlarging our home to make that wider ‘at homeness’ possible…Hospitality, in a variety of expressions, forms a notable frame of reference for the ministry of Jesus.

But there is more to it than that…The crucial point is that those who do receive him [Jesus] find that he brings them into a much wider sphere of hospitality: the ‘hospitality of God.’ The One who comes as a visitor and guest in fact becomes host and offers a hospitality in which human beings and, potentially, the entire world, can become truly human, be at home, can know salvation in the depths of their hearts.”

Brendan Byrne

excerpted from The Hospitality of God: A Reading of Luke’s Gospel (page 4)

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  • Jacob L

    Good thoughts. It reminds me of the book by Michele Hershberger, “A Christian View of Hospitality.” Normally we don’t think of the guest becoming the host. Our culture has taught us that we are entitled to be given things. We eat at a friends house and they are supposed to serve us. What does it mean to be a blessing wherever we go, wherever we are? What if we all tried to host our hosts?

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