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Posted on 24 Jun 2013 in Fun Post | 4 comments

I’ve made it a habit to minimize the search results that refer people to my blog. It’s always a bit unnerving to see that people Google “Justin Hiebert” or something similar. It’s weird, a little creepy, and I always wonder why people have nothing better to do than Google my name. That said, I do check periodically to see how I’m traveling the interwebs and how people get referred to my blog. What follows are apparent search result terms that can direct you to my site should you ever lose your bookmark to the blog. (On that note, please sign up to follow the blog. All you’ve got to do is enter your email address to the right.)

On with the list

  • Winner
  • My wife is well along in years
  • Yummy ways to eat cinnamon roles
  • Delete button

And my personal favorite:

  • Why is my wife so materialistic?


What about you fellow bloggers? What are the weidest search results you’ve noticed? Please share below.

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Justin Hiebert

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I am a Business and Life Coach in both non-profit and for profit settings. I coach leaders, executives, and pastors in areas of vision, clarity, and values. In relationship coaching I focus on healthy and sustainable relationships, and in leadership development roles I catalyze change for individuals and groups to thrive. I also consult churches and organizations on how to train new leaders and create a healthy culture. In addition to that, I am an Anabaptist pastor in the Denver metro area. I specialize on topics that include: missional theology, discipleship, culture and the church in today’s society. I am married to my wonderful wife Elise and we have three kids. I grew up and now work in the United States Mennonite Brethren Church (USMB) and love the people and history of the Mennonite Brethren faith. I am a graduate of Tabor College with a dual degree in Youth Ministry and Christian Leadership, a graduate of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary with a Masters of Divinity, and a Doctoral Student and Bethel Seminary. I also teach college classes in areas of Bible, Communication, and Business.

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  • The most popular one is Amish Noodles but that’s honest because I have done two blog posts on that topic. Also, how to tell spinach from weeds (I wrote about a salad made out of weeds that tastes like spinach. Now this is creepy: just discovered, “young children are beautiful in their underwear.” I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT’S ABOUT. Regarding countries, the other day I noticed someone visited from a country I’d never heard of, Northern Mariana Islands. Did not know where they are but it north of Saipan, where my father in law served in WWII, which I wrote about recently.

    Stats are always interesting, and not just a matter of stroking the ego.

  • I got a blog hit from Guernsey the other day… never knew it existed…

    Most of my blog post hits have been honest… I DID get a hit from “abnormal things people do”… but that’s about all… *sigh* I’m not as weird as I wanna be, I guess…

  • Your post made me curious, so I checked my list of search terms and found that most bore at least some resemblance to my site–like “hallelujah justin timberlake review” which might seem odd at first, but I reviewed The Holy or the Broken which chronicled the rise of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Others are mystifying though: “quotes on daughters in hindi” (maybe because I have a translation widget on my blog?), “today is monday when i play golf” (which I don’t), and “good night cat.”

  • How to tell if a feminist introvert loves you
    Can extroverts enjoy gardening
    God likes extroverts
    Running through open door
    If your parents are Mennonites what does that make you
    Being from America – maybe we should have clarified that we come in peace
    Extroverts – shut up

    Yep, the lists are quite interesting to look at 🙂

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