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A journey of unimaginable distance.

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There is a journey that all serious Jesus followers must take, except the thing is, I’ve noticed that few seldom do. This journey is the key to understanding the power of the Gospel and unlocking the power of God that lives in all believers. This journey makes or breaks a person’s influence and either brings them into missional effectiveness or leaves them on the sidelines, wondering what they’ve always been missing out on.

The distance of this journey is about eighteen inches.

The space from the head to the heart.

For too many Christians, Jesus remains lodged in their head. They know about Christ, but they have never experienced him, never had a heart transformation. We’ve been guilty of mentally affirming the lordship or deity of Christ, but live as if it doesn’t really matter.

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We’ve committed to knowing facts about Jesus instead of knowing Jesus.

  • We know that Bible reading is important but never read.
  • We know the benefits of prayer but never pray.
  • We know we should love our neighbors but keep our doors locked and windows drawn.
  • We know our call to care for the poor but look the other way when they come too close to our personal space.
  • We know we’ve been forgiven but live void and empty lives refusing to live in that reality.
  • We know God’s mission to restore and redeem all things but worry more about making sure we get our fair share.
  • We know God’s lordship over everything but choose to remain in power and control over certain areas of our lives.

We are all on a journey and certainly some of us do better in one area or another, but this isn’t about the journey of transformation, it is about those that choose to remain stuck. Yes we all stumble, fail, fall short, and yes we all fail; but many of us willing choose to stay stuck there, refusing to allow the grace and love of Jesus to make that eighteen inch journey from our head to our heart. We invest ourselves in staying busy or offering cheap Christian platitudes and refuse to be shaped by the movement of the Spirit.

When we settle for head knowledge of Christ only, we miss out on the one thing thing that he requires of us: being a disciple.

The difference between head knowledge and heart transformation is the difference between being a Pharisee and being a disciple of Jesus.

Which are you?


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I am a Business and Life Coach in both non-profit and for profit settings. I coach leaders, executives, and pastors in areas of vision, clarity, and values. In relationship coaching I focus on healthy and sustainable relationships, and in leadership development roles I catalyze change for individuals and groups to thrive. I also consult churches and organizations on how to train new leaders and create a healthy culture. In addition to that, I am an Anabaptist pastor in the Denver metro area. I specialize on topics that include: missional theology, discipleship, culture and the church in today’s society. I am married to my wonderful wife Elise and we have three kids. I grew up and now work in the United States Mennonite Brethren Church (USMB) and love the people and history of the Mennonite Brethren faith. I am a graduate of Tabor College with a dual degree in Youth Ministry and Christian Leadership, a graduate of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary with a Masters of Divinity, and a Doctoral Student and Bethel Seminary. I also teach college classes in areas of Bible, Communication, and Business.

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  • I would venture to say this is the crux of Christianity– Following Christ and letting him transform the ENTIRE life. Everything now should be seen through the perspective of Christ. There is no “me”, it is now “us”. (Meaning God has equipped me for His purpose) Every single encounter is now part of a grand mission. So the real question is are we willing to look different than what the culture is now telling us Christianity should look like? Believing in the power of God is one of the hardest things to do, but if we do, and we are able to make that journey from head to heart, and I would even say then to the FEET, man! We will really be able to bring more hearts, minds, and feet to Christ!

  • Like you said a couple days ago, it’s all in the action! : ) If you really believe it, you’ll do it!

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