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Justin is the church’s coach. He graduated from Tabor College (Hillsboro, KS) with dual degrees in Youth Ministry and Leadership, he holds an M.Div from Fresno Pacific Seminary (Fresno, CA) and will complete a Doctorate of Ministry (2018) from Bethel Seminary (San Diego, CA) in Missional Effectiveness/Global and Contextual Leadership.

He has worked as a pastor in a variety of positions and places. He’s served small and medium sized churches in both rural and urban settings. He’s been a youth pastor, chaplain, associate pastor, and lead pastor over the last decade of ministry. He has helped lead church turnaround and renewal while providing contextual, practical, and visionary leadership.

As a firm practitioner and visionary in areas of missional discipleship, Anabaptism, cultural engagement, coaching, and holistic health he brings a highly skilled and prophetic view to life and ministry. He is also a professionally trained life and business coach (Coaches Training Institute, 2015), helping individuals focus on areas of healthy leadership, burnout avoidance, and sustained influence.

He is a frequent writer, having appeared in many magazines and publications, a university professor, guest lecturer, and motivational speaker.

If you or your team are facing areas of transition, leadership hurdles, struggling with burnout, in need of a sounding board, or looking for a mentor and coach that can help inspire you to all that God has planned for you, Justin can help. He regularly serves churches, their staff, leaders, disciples, and the next generation of culture changers. He helps them  deeply and passionately pursue all that God has, provide meaningful and relevant engagement with a local culture, and develop holistically healthy leaders.

To find out more, ask Justin a question, or book him for your event, retreat, class, guest speaker, or to inquire about private or group coaching, you can reach him here.



The demands of life can be overwhelming. We’ve all been at that point where we feel like we are at the end of our rope and aren’t sure how much longer we can hold on.

In fact, if you’ve ever said phrases like, “I’m burning the candle at both ends.” or “This ‘busy’ season of life” or “I’ll exercise when life slows down a little bit.” or “I’ll invest in myself once the kids are back in school.” you are ripe to experience burnout.

Burnout is more than just “feeling tired” or being irritable. It’s a perpetual slug through the daily grind. In burnout, we lose our ability to lead, steward, and feel. We lose our ability to dream, plan, and execute the daily tasks of life. Relationships are stressed, friendship are broken, personal boundaries are crossed, and compromises are par for the course.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. You can rise above burnout. You can have victory over the daily grind and experience life as it was meant to be.

You can transform your experience from surviving to thriving, and from bland to grand.

You can recapture your closest relationships and transform your life.

I coach leaders in a variety of fields around burnout prevention and recovery. I teach holistically, focusing on all aspects of our humanity. I have also developed the Healthy and Integrity Matrix that identifies calling, builds character, enhances personal satisfaction, and grows your leadership capacity.

I offer both private and group coaching experiences.

If you’re interested in overcoming the burdens of leadership and rising above burnout, email me and ask about my special introductory prices for burnout and leadership development.

About Justin

hiebertFamily_tableJustin is a life, leadership, and business coach with experience in churches, small business, and education. He is a trained CoActive® coach through Coaches Training Institute, a world leader in coaching and leadership development. He focuses primarily on his uniquely developed Health and Integrity Pyramid to bring holistic health and leadership vitality to the individuals and groups he severs.

Justin is passionate about helping people discover their calling and inner leader. He creates a comfortable yet challenging atmosphere that catalyzes the change that people wish to see in themselves.

Whatever it is that you want to do, Justin can coach you to help you realize your dreams. He has experience coaching pastors and ministry leaders as well as leaders in the nonprofit sector, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business executives. He also regularly coaches marriages and people in transition helping them get the most out of their relationships.

He is an educator and college professor in the areas of religion, philosophy, communication and business. He helps him bring in well rounded and holistic thinking, educational experience, practical application to the touch and sticky areas of life.

The best part of Justin’s life though, resides outside of his coaching practice. He is the husband to a wonderful and supportive wife and dad to three kids. He has a passion and zeal for life, loves being outdoors, is a huge sports fan, and can always be counted on to have his nose in a book.

He is available to lead retreats, provide consulting for businesses and churches, contracted writing assignments, guest lecturing, motivational speaking, or for private and group coaching.  If you’re interested in contacting Justin, all inquiries should be sent here.

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